Diabetes Services

  • Patient-guided needs assessment to help determine what will help you best manage your diabetes
  • Glucometer selection based on your preference
  • Demonstrations, teaching, and regular follow-up to make it easier to manage your condition
  • Development of patient-specific care plan to set up a routine for blood sugar testing that works for you
  • Teaching about blood sugar targets and how to manage both high blood sugar (hyperglycemia) and low blood sugar (hypoglycemia)
  • Teaching for all medications with in-depth focus on medications that reduce blood sugar
  • Regular follow-up to help track your progress
  • Discussion and development of care plan to reduce side effects and make sure you are comfortable and knowledgable about what medications you are taking
  • Teaching for insulin injection (use of insulin pens, pen needles, dosing, and timing of injection)
  • Development of insulin dosing regimen and plan with you and your doctor
  • Nutrition counselling to help with healthy meal planning, and guidance for foods to eat more or less often

Meet Beth

Beth has worked with Prime Care Pharmacy since April 2016, before which she has worked with local retirement and nursing homes to ensure optimal medication management. She has also worked as a pharmacist with the Guelph Family Health Team. She received the designation Certified Diabetes Educator in 2011 and re-certifies regularly. Beth also received the designation Certified Geriatric Pharmacist in 2013. Beth uses her previous experience and in-depth knowledge of diabetes to help patients achieve their health and diabetes-related goals. Book your consultation today through the contact form below or by calling the pharmacy at 519-837-4594.